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Leslie McElroy was raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico but currently resides in Dallas, Texas. She loves her family, cozy, rainy days, and spreading kindness. Leslie has always dreamed of becoming a writer since she was a teenager, but she finally wrote her first novel, Stuck with Me, after being inspired from reading other contemporary romance novels and knowing that she had a story to tell. Leslie loves coffee, reading, and is an introvert at heart. Leslie is a mom of two boys and is married to her college sweetheart. Leslie hopes that through her writing, she can connect with people around the world and spread happiness with the characters and stories she creates.

Leslie Mcelroy's debut novel

Stuck with Me is a contemporary romance about the return of a small-town girl, Lucy Gilbert, who decided to move back to her hometown from New York City in search for something more. She is a hopeless romantic through and through. There is just one tiny problem: she still hasn’t found her own epic romance. The closest she ever came to that happy ending was back when she was in love with the captain and star of the basketball team and homecoming king, Jamie Gallagher. Shortly after accepting a teaching position at her old high school, she runs into Jamie, who as fate would have it, just accepted the position of assistant coach for the high school basketball team, after a career-ending injury to his knee while playing college basketball at UCLA. The emotions of love, hurt and passion flood her when she sees him for the first time in five years. Past memories rejuvenate an old love connection and creates a complicated present.

Lucy desperately wants to move on from the past, but both Lucy and Jamie have to deal with the feelings that emerge each time they see each other. The fear of admitting their true feelings aren’t the only obstacles that stand in their way. Lucy is intrigued by a new fling and Jamie is tied down with his new fiancée. Are these two characters willing to reopen old wounds or move forward in their lives? Lucy and Jamie have to face the reality of the choices they made and find out if true love really finds a way.

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So romantic.- Ashley

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An amazing, cute, and great read!-Amazon Customer

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Loved this book!- Grace

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